Monday, August 24, 2009

Cry Baby :o(

So, it's official....I'm a cry baby!!
I spent the weekend in TN with my sister and niece. On Saturday, we drove up to see my grandmother (it was her first time meeting her great-granddaughter). My Nanny has been in and out of the hospital, but she is back at home and is starting to feel better. I was so happy to get to spend some time with her and to see her with Jazmyne. When it was time to go, the tears started flowing!
We left Greeneville and headed for Morristown to see our dad. We had a really nice visit, and I did really well right up until it was time to go. Then, you guessed it....more tears!!!!

Sunday was even worse when I said goodbye to my cousins and uncle at church, but I was able to pull myself together pretty quickly. I pretty much lost it when I had to say bye to Tiff, James, and Jazmyne; and I  cried half of the drive from Knoxville back to Chatt. Once I got home and settled in, it really hit me that I'm leaving! The sadness was quickly replaced with smiles when Tiff and Jazmyne surprised me! They came to Chatt to spend the next couple of days with me before I go!!! As James so eloquently put it...."They like me!!! They REALLY like me!!!!"

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  1. Your sister and you look so alike, you all are just so pretty and your smiles are absolutely radiant. Jazmyne is adorable. And finally, yes Ebster you are a cry baby, but we still love you!!!
    -The best flatmate you've EVER had ;)